In October 2004, CampCare founder and director, Carol C. Moore, accepted, on behalf of CampCare, the Governor’s Points of Light Award, in recognition of providing service and volunteer opportunities to the community through the CampCare experience.

“[We] thank you for providing this ‘very special time’ for [our daughter] and the other campers. Your staff are to be congratulated on a job well done!”
Camper parent

“Being a parent of two daughters with Down Syndrome, I am always looking for quality programs and activities that will enrich their lives. For ten years I have seen the impact made by people who have chosen to give their time, talents, and hearts to young people with disabilities through their involvement each summer at CampCare. Their commitment and sacrifice, when they could have chosen to spend their time elsewhere, has enriched not only my daughters’ lives but many other young people with disabilities also. CampCare would not exist, without [them], many, many dreams and memories would never become reality.”
Camper mother